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Please explore our FAQ section below for helpful information and solutions to common inquiries. Our goal is to provide you with valuable resources and assistance.

Do I need a Boaters Safety Certificate?


Everyone must have a Boaters Safety Certificate to operate both boats and jet skis. NJ Residents: You must have successfully completed an approved boating safety course in the State of NJ and must carry your New Jersey Boat Safety Certificate on board.

Please note New Jersey residents are required to take at least the exam portion of the course in person. Please click here for more information on how to schedule a course in NJ.

Out-of-state residents who are at least 18 years old and in New Jersey for less than 90 days may operate a motorized vessel on New Jersey waters if they: Possess a certificate issued by their state of residence or… Have in their possession written proof of successful completion of a boat safety course approved by another state, the U.S. Coast Guard, or the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). NJ State Police Marine Services Bureau FAQ can be found here.

Out of state residents please click here for more information about how you can take the Boaters Safety exam online.

How old do I have to be to join JDE?

Members must be 18 years or older to join the club and or operate watercraft. All members must successfully complete a JDE orientation and training session as well as hold a valid boaters safety certificate.

Do I have to be present at my reservation?

Yes. At least one primary member must be present for the reservation. Only primary members are permitted to operate watercraft including jet skis. If you have more than one primary member on your account, only one primary member is required to be present for a reservation.

Who can opperate watercraft?

Only primary members may operate watercraft including jet skis. You may always bring guests as passengers on the boats at no cost, but they are not permitted to operate the equipment.

Who can be a primary member?

Primary members must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid boaters safety certificate. Each membership includes 2 primary members. Primary members must be part of your immediate family / household. Typically a spouse or child under the age of 26.

If you would like to add additional primary members (who are a part of your immediate family and under the age of 26) past the two included, you may do so for a fee of $100 a season.

If you would like to add other friends or family over the age of 26, that is considered a shared membership and is a fee of $600 per season.

*See our “Add ons” page for more information.

How long is each reservation?

Each reservation is 3 hours long. You may have up to 3 future reservations at a time, one of which may be a weekend.

If on the day of, there are no other reservations before or after you, you may extend into a consecutive time slot either before or after your scheduled one, if available.

Additionally, we offer the “Double Time” which allows you to book back to back reservations, two weekend reservations as well as have 4 instead of 3 future reservations. More info can be found under Add-Ons.

If I choose not to renew my membership, do I have to pay the activation fee again to rejoin in the future?”

You may take one season off, pay nothing and come back the following season without having to reactivate your account. You may not take two consecutive seasons off. As long as after your “off” year, you come back for a season, you are welcome to take the following year off again. We are the only boat club in New Jersey with no contracts or commitments.

How do I reserve?

Members enjoy unlimited usage available through our convenient, easy-to-use online booking system. Simply sign-on to your portal, select a date and time, and you are ready to ride!

iOS & Android Apps are also available.

How many reservations can you have at once and for how long?

Members have unlimited usage of watercraft all season long! Members may have 3 future reservations booked at a time. Each reservation is 3 hours long. By default, only one of the 3 future reservations may be a weekend time slot. As soon as you fulfill a reservation, you may book your next future one. You may always have 3 future reservations on the calendar. There is NO cap on how many reservations you may have in a given season.

Can I use 2 of my allotted reservations and book them in back to back slots on the same day?

You are not permitted to book reservations back to back with our general package. If you are interested in being able to have the watercraft for an extended period of time you can add our “double time” package. Which allows you to book back to back reservations or two separate weekend time slots.

*See our “Add ons” page for more information.

What is your season and hours of opperation?

Our season is location specific. Please view the webpage for each location to see their season.

Can I make same day reservations?

Yes! You may book same day reservations by calling, emailing or texting JDE. You can also reserve as far in advance as you would like. We recommend that you plan at least a week or 2 ahead for your next three reservations to ensure you secure your preferred day, time, and watercraft for those outings, but day-of reservations are permitted, when available.

What kind of watercrafts are in your fleet?

Our fleet consists of a variety of boat and jet skis. We are constantly adding new watercrafts as our membership grows. Learn more about our current fleet by clicking the “Our Fleet” page.

Does Jet Drive provide training?

Yes. All new members receive a one-on-one equipment orientation with our training specialists. During this training, members will learn how to operate our various watercrafts, general navigation information, docking tips and watercraft safety.

How long after joining can I get out on the water?

After joining, members can be on the water as soon as they complete their training and orientation session. We do our best to schedule this as soon as possible for our members!

Is insurance included?

Yes. All members are covered by the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry. Each member is covered up to $1,000,000 per occurrence. If a loss occurs, members are responsible for damages up to the deductible amount of $2,000 in the event of a covered claim. For less severe damages, the member is responsible for the cost of the repair. We have relationships to provide below market pricing for repairs and we pass these savings on to our members. We do not make any money on repairs!

Who pays for fuel?

Members pay for the fuel used during their reservation. All boats and skis are topped off for the next member, when returned.

Activities like fishing, use less fuel than tubing and wakeboarding, therefore you only pay for what you use. Each night your credit card on file will be charged for the fuel usage for that day.

Am I guaranteed reservation times?

Like anything requiring a reservation, the longer you wait to make one, the more of a chance there is that a time slot will not be available. For this reason, we recommend always having 3 future reservations on the books, so that you’re locked into a guaranteed time slot.

By reserving equipment the day of, or on short notice you run the risk of other members having the time slot you want.

You are guaranteed time slots by reserving them ahead of time.

We maintain a ratio of 1 boat for every 8-10 members, so as more people join, we add more watercraft to the fleet so it never gets harder to reserve! This ratio guarantees multiple week day reservations as well as a least one weekend time slot every other weekend “worst case scenario”. This means every member using watercraft as often as they possibly can… in reality this doesn’t happy so many members are able to get out every weekend in addition to multiple days a week.

The key is reserving ahead of time and keeping 3 future reservations on the books at all times to maximize your usage.

Will my package price increase?

Package prices are locked in for the first two years of membership. Exceptions include specials and introductory rates. After your first two years of membership, your package price will reflect the current pricing. We pride ourselves on keeping boating affordable, but some things are out of our control such as the increased price of new watercraft, insurance and labor that may result in increased membership dues down the road.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Referrals are always welcomed and appreciated! You will receive $100 fuel credit for each new member you refer that joins Jet Drive Exchange.